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Fruit Vegetable Washer


TechQu designed and manufacture complete Processing fruits/vegetables for Washing/Sorting/ Grading/ Inspection for cleaning facilities. Technical Specification: Structure in stainless steel, Length: As per required capacity/Fruit to be handled, Belt in heavy duty alimentary polyvinyl chloride material, SS side guides, Suitable SS diverting arrangement, Suitable drive system. Designed to thoroughly clean and wash multiple fruits/vegetables like mango, Fruit, litchi, apple, leafy vegetables etc. The washer is made of SS 304, confirms to all sanitary norms. The washer is designed to handle diverse types of fruits and vegetables without damaging the surface while thoroughly cleaning them. Equipped with high pressurized blowing unit with blower air grids to produce strong water agitation which tumble washes different types of fruits & vegetables.

fruit vegetable washer

The fruits and vegetables are passed through water turbulence which thoroughly washes the dirt off them. After the fruits and vegetables are washed, they are picked up by an uplift conveyor where it is again washed with secondary wash system fed by fresh water in feed. Out feed conveyor fitted with a specially designed SS slats for conveying fruit/vegetable onto the next stage after washing. Fitted with 1 HP geared motor on takeoff conveyor with AC variable drive of make Danfoss /Siemens. This facilitates adjustment to various quantities/ batch being washed

SORTING AND CUTTING CONVEYOR Conveyor belt in sanitary food grade material, suitable for peeling, inspecting de stoning Operations of fruits. Main belt is distributed in three parts width wise. Whole fruit will come on the two sides and the Cut, dressed and cleaned fruits shall be handpicked into the center part. The bottom belt will carry the waste separately to the waste screw conveyor. All belts are provided with fixed speed geared motors and sprocket and chain drive, which facilitates to change the belt speed as per requirement. Service accessories like nylon pieces for fruit cutting, scrapping blades at return side of the belt etc.


  • Highly automated with sensors.
  • Easy installation and mobility
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements