High Purity Water Systems for Pharmaceutical Industry

About High Purity Water System

High purity water systems are designed to provide high purity water to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries where ultra-pure water (water of such high purity that it is virtually indistinguishable from pure water) is required in manufacturing processes or product applications. High purity water systems are manufactured with compliance to ISO 10589 - Biological evaluation of medical devices – Part 1, Section 10; and USP Chapter 723 – Sterilization of Water and Water Solutions using non-electrolytic methods, methods which do not employ ionizing radiation and do not involve the chemical or physical alteration of the solution being treated.

What is H2O in the purified water?

H2O or water is a substance made up of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. When pure, it forms a clear, colorless liquid that has no odor or taste. It is often referred to as pure water because impurities in water can be seen by human eyes while they are easily dissolvable in H2O. Furthermore, one single molecule of water (H2O) makes up 99% of all liquids on Earth, such as lakes and oceans. In addition to being one of most abundant elements on earth, H2O is one of only four states that matter can exist in.

How does it work..?

There are two main purification methods. Reverse osmosis is when water flows at high pressure through a semipermeable membrane that separates out contaminants. The other technique is called electrodialysis reversal, in which ions in saltwater are separated using electrical current. The high purity water systems to use depends on what you’re trying to remove from your water. I like ultra-high purity water, but I don’t always need it, says Seamus Whelan, research chemist at Stony Brook University and former visiting scientist at Brookhaven National Laboratory and Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory.

Advantage of High Purity Water System

The primary benefit of using our high purity water systems is a safer, healthier workplace. Our closed-loop systems maintain a 100% clean product at all times and eliminate chemical residues that could be dangerous to workers and equipment. Additionally, our systems produce about 35% more product than other units, saving you money in space and labor costs. Another major benefit is greater control over your process: Our systems are highly customizable to meet your exact needs and we provide support throughout each installation to ensure maximum efficiency and minimal maintenance. Best of all, we never lock you into a long-term contract; if another vendor can provide a better solution than ours, we will work with you until you are happy with results.

Advantage of TechQu High Purity Water System

All of our equipment is specifically designed to be extremely compact, making it perfect for smaller labs and research facilities. While larger systems may offer better filtration capabilities, they can take up a lot of space. With advanced technology that uses ion-exchange resins, we are able to produce ultrapure water with minimal evaporation and no waste—this is great news for pharmaceutical companies concerned about their ecological footprint. Every model in our line has passed rigorous NSF certification requirements so you know your finished product will meet strict regulatory standards; in addition, all tubing and tanks are made from FDA-approved materials that are easy to sanitize before reuse.

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