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Khoya Making Machine


TechQu Khoya Making Machine  will be used for the manufacture Khoya from Milk. Design :Volumetric Capacity 100 Ltr to 300 Ltr.

Service required: Gas, Electric, Steam  MOC: SS304
 It shall be jacketed, insulated, scraper, rotating tilted with motor coupled with heavy duty gear box. Accessories; Tilting Mechanism: One number tilting arrangement by Bevel gear setup to empty the pan after the process. Legs 4:Milk steel legs with stainless ball feet provided at the
bottom of the tank, the stainless steel ball feet will have provision for the height adjustments of 50mm

Khoya Making Machine



  • Highly automated 
  • Easy installation and mobility
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements