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Mass mixer


TechQu Engineering Manufacture of the highest quality range of Mass Mixer. We manufacture Granulation Machinery, Mechanical Mixer is used in wet granulation for wet mixing, and preparing dough in the Pharma Industry. Mixer is manufactured from 50 kg to 250 Kgs. It is very user friendly machine and can be operated by even a lay man with only few hours of training. Mixer has been well-designed to facilitate thorough mixing of dry or damp materials and is especially suitable for tablet granulation. The powerful geared drive and sturdy mixing paddle make TechQu Mixer ideal for dealing with difficult or sticky ingredients. This is one speed Mixer but two speed machine available on demand

Mass Mixer

The Mixer consists of Mixing drum complete in itself. It contains mixing drum body. Mixing paddle and sealing arrangement. The drum rests on rigid M.S. fabricated body carrying Motor, Gear box, Starter and tilting arrangement. The drive of mixing paddle is through suitable oil filled worm gear unit which in turn get drive through V belts from a suitable T.E.F.C. motor. 


  • Highly automated 
  • Faster Cooling
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements