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Sparkler Filter Press


TechQu Engineering Manufacture of the highest quality range of Sparkler Filter Press. TechQu is an experienced Manufacturer of Sparkler Filter Press for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries.  Totally enclosed air sealed leak proof filtration plant assembly. It consists of a filter cartridge assembly having material of construction Mild steel or stainless steel 304,316,316L filter plates, support screen, having interlocking cups and fitted in the Main shell tank. Filter is equipped with special arm device in Mild steel for quick opening of filter lid cover. Unit provided with all interconnecting pipelines and Ball valves having inlet/outlet/transfer/air vent, valve pressure gauge assembly, and suitable pump with ISI make TEFC/FLAME PROOF motor, with ‘V’ belt and pulley drive. The whole unit is mounted on SS or MS trolley fitted with fiber or Cast Iron castor wheel for easy movement.

Sparkler Filter Press


  • Highly automated with sensor
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements