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Purified Water Storage tank


TechQu is able to provide a highest Quality range of Purified Water Storage tank. TechQu has the expertise to carry out the Design & Manufacturing of Purified Water Storage tank. 

TechQu Design and Manufacture, Supply, Installation, of Purified / WFI Storage Tank and pipeline, Distribution System. Our design for the High quality Storage tank with and Piping network of Pharmaceutical / biotech injectable water ensures High Purity Water. WFI Storage Tank or Water for injection storage tank is required to be stored in a storage tank for its use in CIP (Clean-in-place cycle). 

purified water storage tank

Purified water and WFI storage application.

  • Design code : ASME Sec VIII Div, ASME BPE Guidelines
  • Configurations : Plain, Insulated, Jacketed or Limpeted design configurations.
  • MOC : SS316L & SS304
  • Internal Surface : Mechanically polished followed by ‘Electropolishing’
  • Surface finish : From < 0.5 Ra to < 0.38 Ra (SF4 Finish as per ASME BPE Code)
  • Design Conditions : Atmospheric or Full Vacuum Design
  • End Types : Torispherical Dished End to ensure drain ability