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Ice Cream Making Plant


TechQu can provide the highest quality range of Plant. First, we are offering a high-quality range of Plant to the esteemed customers. Second, we offer complete projects for the same from 1000 LPB to 10000 LPB. Finally, we had made a range of plants for the treatment mix with HTST pasteurizers (High-Temperature Short Time).

We are manufacture of highest quality of ice cream making plant. we are going to discuss a few factors which are important in the ice cream making process. Firstly to ensure the highest quality ice cream without compromising integrity, uniform mixing of dry and liquid ingredients requires optimal dispersion and operational efficiency. 

ice cream making plant manufacturer

  Secondly Producing ice cream mix requires a high degree of flexibility and efficiency, with the need to handle a variety of dry and liquid ingredients, adapt to seasonal demand fluctuations and create an innovative and varied product portfolio. Thirdly and most importantly Temperatures and timing along with precise control and gentle handling are critical to safeguarding product quality.

The Plant is composed of:

  • Pasteurizer Tank With Heater.
  • Transfer Pump/Filter.
  • Homogenizer.
  • Plate Heat Exchanger.
  • Agent Tank with Refrigeration tank.
  • Flavor Tank.
  • Continuous Freezer.
  • Fruit Feeder.
  • Filling & Packing M/c.
  • Hardener.
  • Cold Room.