High Purity Water System

TechQu High Purity water Generation Systems are designed and manufactured for treating different types of water developing on its source and quality. These plants are available as pre-engineered packaged standard plants or custom built as per the project requirements. TechQu Reverse Osmosis + Electro Deionization (RO+EDI) plants constitute a reliable alternative to the traditional double stage Reverse Osmosis for the production purified water. TechQu RO+EDI plants are fully designed in compliance with the standards requested by International Pharmaceutical. TechQu standard plants can cover a range of production from 500 liters per hour to 30000 its per hour. Smaller and larger sizes are also available on request.

High Purity Water System

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TechQu Engineering and Projects is a company that provides a wide range of equipment for industrial applications, including a high-purity water system.

A high-purity water system is a type of equipment used to produce water with a very low level of impurities, typically used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, semiconductors, and power generation. The system typically includes several stages of treatment such as filtration, reverse osmosis, deionization, and ultrafiltration to remove impurities and dissolved solids.

TechQu’s high-purity water system typically consists of a series of filters, reverse osmosis (RO) unit, deionization (DI) unit, and a ultraviolet (UV) sterilization unit. The system can also be equipped with various options such as a water storage tank, chemical dosing system, and other accessories according to the customer’s needs.

TechQu’s high-purity water system is designed to meet the specific needs of the industrial application and it can be manufactured in compliance with the current regulations and guidelines. The company also offers after-sales service and maintenance for the system.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Biotechnological
  • Cosmetic
  • Food industries
  • Industrial

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