Bulk Milk Cooler

Bulk Milk Cooler

TechQu manufactures the highest quality range of Bulk Milk Cooler. The most important part of a collecting center of milk is the BMC. When the milk is extracted, it is at around 37°C. If the milk continues to remain at room temperature after extraction, bacterial growth will affect the quality of the milk. The BMC is meant to cool the milk to 4°C in a prescribed time. The cooler is available in different shapes and sizes depending on the amount of milk to be cooled and the system of cooling. The capacity of this cooler is 500 L to 5000 L

TechQu’s is manufactured in compliance with the current food safety regulations and guidelines, ensuring that the final product is safe for use in the dairy industry. The company also offers after-sales service and maintenance for the cooler.

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Bulk milk cooler is a specialized piece of equipment used to cool down milk from the temperature it was collected at to a temperature that is suitable for storage, typically around 4 degrees Celsius. This is done to prevent the growth of bacteria and to preserve the quality of the milk.

TechQu’s bulk milk cooler typically consists of an insulated cooling tank, a refrigeration unit, and a temperature control system. The milk is pumped into the cooling tank where it is cooled down to the required temperature. The cooler can be equipped with various options such as agitator, CIP cleaning system, level indicators and other accessories according to the customer’s needs.

  • Highly automated with sensor and Digital Temperature control
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements

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