Steam Jacketed Kettles

Steam Jacketed Kettles

TechQu manufactures the highest quality range of Steam Jacketed Kettles suitable for cooking, heating & preparation of various fruit products like pulp, ketchup, jam, juice, beverage. Batch type incorporates hemispherical jacketed design which ensures even heat distribution through steam.

The temperature shall be completely uniform throughout the entire jacketed surface of the kettle to eliminate any hot spots to scorch the pan or product. The kettles are 2/3 jacketed for maximum steam utilization and efficiency.


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Complete with pressure gauge, safety valve, and steam petcock/steam trap. Kettle bottom with hemispherical design for heat transfer. The inner/outer jacketed portion is made for 3mm sheet & hydraulically tested for with stand-by pressure up to 2kg/cm2.

Tank material-  Main Shell: SS 304, Internal jacket: SS 304, External Cladding: SS 304, Insulation: Glass Wool Sheet 75 mm, Stirrer: Stirrer made from solid rod with the standard design of Stirrer, Geared motor: 1 HP Mix  Outlet: 51 mm Conical Bottom End. Outlet connection will be provided at the bottom at the appropriate height (1 Meter) with a two-way valve.

  • Highly automated with sensor and Digital Temperature control
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  • Low space requirements

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