Batch Juice Pasteurizer

Batch Juice Pasteurizer

A batch juice pasteurizer is a certain equipment used for the process of pasteurizing the juice in individual batches. This entails heating the juice inside a tank or vat to an exact temperature, usually between 65°C and 85°C (149°F – 185ºF) for a set time interval ranging typically from fifteen seconds to two minutes. This focused heating provides efficient bacteria removal, turning the juice into a very safe product for use with an impressive increase in its shelf life. Later, the juice is chilled to a proper packaging and storage temperature.

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TechQu offers a Batch Pasteurization Tank for the food and dairy industry. The tank is designed for the pasteurization of milk and other liquids, with a capacity range as per standard. The tank uses a heating system and an agitator to maintain the desired temperature and to mix the contents of the tank for pasteurization. The inner, intermediate and outer layer of the tank is made of SS 304, providing durability and easy cleaning, ensuring compliance with food safety regulations.

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TechQu Engineering and Projects is a company that provides a wide range of equipment for the food and beverage industries, including a Batch Juice Pasteurizer.

A Batch Juice Pasteurizer is a specialized piece of equipment used to heat juice to a specific temperature for a set period of time in order to kill any harmful bacteria and extend the shelf life of the juice. The process is known as pasteurization and it helps to preserve the juice’s natural flavor and nutritional value while ensuring its safety for consumption.

TechQu’s Batch Juice Pasteurizer typically consists of a heating chamber, a temperature control system, and a circulation system. The pasteurizer can be heated by steam or hot water, and the temperature and holding time can be adjusted according to the juice being pasteurized. The pasteurizer can also be equipped with additional options such as CIP cleaning system, temperature recorder, and other accessories according to the customer’s needs.

  • High heat transfer coefficient
  • Optimized heat recovery
  • Compact construction of plate arrangement
  • Easy maintenance

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