Jam Processing Plant

Jam Processing Plant

Fruit jam processing plant is a facility where fruits are transformed into jam through a series of steps such as sorting, washing, crushing, heating, and sterilizing. The fruits are first sorted and cleaned before being crushed or pureed. The fruit puree is then heated with sugar and other ingredients, such as pectin and acid, to form a thick, spreadable consistency. The jam is then sterilized by heating it to a high temperature to kill any bacteria or microorganisms. After cooling, the jam is packaged and labeled for distribution and sale. The plant may also include equipment for producing other fruit preserves such as jelly, marmalade, and fruit butter. The plant must comply with food safety regulations and standard food processing practices.

Jam is a popular form of processed food used for consumption around the world. There is always a good demand for processed Jams. In India as well there has always been a good demand for jams.

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In small to mid capacity plants, fruit jam is produced from readymade fruit pulp. In larger plants, jam is produced directly from raw fruit.

The main ingredients in jam are fruit pulp, sugar, acid and pectin. The general technological flowchart of fruit jam processing line is fruit pretreatment (washing, sorting, blanching, peeling, pitting, crushing), fruit pulping, fruit pulp, sugar, acid & pectin mixing, fruit jam vacuum concentration process, fruit jam filling and cooling process.

The vacuum concentrator kettle is applied to evaporate the water from fruit pulp for the small scale and batch production, whereas the forced circulation evaporator will be used for large scale (evaporating capacity more than 1 Ton per hour) fruit jam processing. When concentrating, water must be quickly boiled to concentrate the mixture before it darkens.

  • Highly automated with sensor and Digital Temperature control
  • Easy installation
  • High flexibility and efficiency
  • Convenient maintenance
  •  Low space requirements

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